Canada Games 2023

This is a call for coaching and manager staff for the upcoming Canada Winter Games in  Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island in 2023. SSNS is looking for 1 coach and 1 manager for  both the short track team and long team. The staff of 2 for each team need to consists of 50%  male and 50% female staff, as a result, one male and one female is needed for each team. To be  eligible to apply for these positions the prospective staff must hold the following qualifications:  Manager – Introduction to Competition (Certified)  

Coach – Competition Development (Certified)  

Prospective staff must also comply with all requirements laid out by the CWG technical  packages available here:

Short Track

Long Track

Those interested in applying should send a 1-page cover letter outlining coaching experience and qualification, as well as any other relevant experience to by March 25th.

In some cases, exemptions may be granted from SSC and the CWG Organizing Committee to  enable coaches to attend if certain conditions are met. Those seeking an exemption should  outline this in their letter to SSNS as well as in the accompanying email. 

The staff selected will be expected to take part in all processes leading up to the games. They  will be in charge of developing and running training camps and programming through the  summer up to the games. They will be expected to attend the qualification events, be a part of the  team selection process, and any disciplinary actions that arise. The staff will also be responsible  for preparing the team for the games and the team while at the games. Taking on this role is a  large time commitment that should be considered when applying and those applying should be  able to make this commitment. If you require more information about any of the positions, please  feel free to reach out to the CWG committee, or send an email to