This Sunday morning at the Emera Oval in Halifax, SSNS will be starting the Sunday morning racing series. This racing is free for all participants and is a good opportunity for skaters and officials to experience long track speed skating racing. The ice is booked from 08:00 until 10:30 on January 12th. The first race will start as soon as the track markers are laid down, approximately 8:10am. The amount of ice time is limited so the starter will not wait on skaters that do not report to the start on time.

Please list your complete name, skating age (age on June 30th, 2022) and select up to two distances. OS = Olympic-Style Racing MS = Mass-Start Racing.

If you are able to help out as an official please list your name, select official and list your preference of official position in the drop down menu.

The DEADLINE TO REGISTER IS SATURDAY, JANUARY 11th at 2PM. Racing schedule and racing sheets will be sent out to coaches and volunteer officials by 7pm. If you sign-up and then can not attend please email ASAP.

This is outdoor racing, before leaving home check the Halifax Oval website to ensure that the oval is open at :